[undercloud][train]Fatal error during train undercloud deployment

dangerzone ar dangerzonen at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 12:04:47 UTC 2020

Hi all, I keep getting the same fatal error below during undercloud
deployment. My environment is VMware VM Centos7 undercloud (openstack
train) and refers to the official openstack guideline.

TASK [tripleo_container_manage : Print failing containers]
Monday 02 November 2020  19:55:07 +0800 (0:00:00.182)       0:17:50.677
fatal: [undercloud]: FAILED! => changed=false
  msg: 'Container(s) with bad ExitCode: [u''container-puppet-ironic'',
u''container-puppet-zaqar''], check logs in /var/log/containers/stdouts/'

I even tried with clean different VM and all give me same error. Appreciate
some help please. Thank you.
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