[MURANO] DevStack Murano "yaql_function" Error

Andy Botting andy at andybotting.com
Sun Nov 1 23:11:30 UTC 2020

Hi Rong and ─░zzetti,

I haven't solved the issue yet, but if I do, I'll push up a review.

I had some time to track down the error

AttributeError: 'method' object has no attribute '__yaql_function__'

which turned out to be a Python 3 issue and I've got a review up here for
it https://review.opendev.org/#/c/760470/

I've fixed a couple of Python 3 specific issues recently, so I'd recommend
you either use the Train version with Python 2 or if you want to run on
Python 3 then you'll need to use master right now with my patches on top.

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