[charms] OpenStack Charms 20.05 release is now available

Peter Matulis peter.matulis at canonical.com
Thu May 21 20:58:59 UTC 2020

The OpenStack Charms team is happy to announce the 20.05 charms
release, introducing support for OpenStack Ussuri and Ceph Octopus on
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. This release also brings
several new and valuable features to the existing OpenStack Charms
deployments for Queens, Rocky, Stein, Train, Ussuri and many other
stable combinations of Ubuntu + OpenStack.

Please see the Release Notes for full details:

== Highlights ==

* OpenStack Ussuri
OpenStack Ussuri is now supported on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (via UCA) and
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS natively.

* Ceph Octopus
The Octopus release of Ceph is now supported, starting with OpenStack Ussuri.

* New charms: MySQL 8
The MySQL 8 charms (mysql-innodb-cluster and mysql-router) have been
promoted to supported status. These charms allow for a completely
native cloud database HA cluster (no need for the hacluster charm).
The legacy solution (percona-cluster charm) is not supported on Ubuntu
20.04 LTS. Migration documentation is available.

* New charms: Masakari
The Masakari charms (masakari and masakari-monitors) and the requisite
pacemaker-remote charm have been promoted to supported status,
starting with OpenStack Stein. Masakari provides automated recovery of
OpenStack instances (shared storage required).

* New charms: OVN
The OVN charms (neutron-api-plugin-ovn, ovn-central, ovn-chassis, and
ovn-dedicated-chassis) have been promoted to supported status. OVN
provides virtual networking for Open vSwitch and is the preferred
default for new deployments of OpenStack Ussuri.

* Ceph iSCSI
Ceph iSCSI gateway functionality is available as a tech preview. These
gateways provide iSCSI targets backed by a Ceph cluster.

== OpenStack Charms team ==
The OpenStack Charms team can be contacted on the #openstack-charms
IRC channel on Freenode.

== Thank you ==
Lots of thanks to the below 67 charm contributors who squashed 89
bugs, enabled support for a new release of OpenStack, improved
documentation, and added exciting new functionality!

James Page
Alex Kavanagh
Frode Nordahl
Liam Young
Peter Matulis
David Ames
Corey Bryant
Chris MacNaughton
Ghanshyam Mann
Aurelien Lourot
Sahid Orentino Ferdjaoui
Stamatis Katsaounis
Ryan Beisner
Tiago Pasqualini
Andrew McLeod
Edward Hope-Morley
Felipe Reyes
Adam Dyess
Andreas Jaeger
Xuan Yandong
Arif Ali
José Pekkarinen
Chris Johnston
Hemanth Nakkina
Alexandros Soumplis
Jose Guedez
Tytus Kurek
Seyeong Kim
Dmitrii Shcherbakov
Dongdong Tao
Drew Freiberger
Haw Loeung
Jorge Niedbalski
Andrea Ieri
Xav Paice
Qiu Fossen
Yanos Angelopoulos
Syed Mohammad Adnan Karim
Sérgio Filipe Marques Manso
Vladimir Grevtsev
George Kraft
Marco Filipe Moutinho da Silva
Xiyue Wang
Adam Dyess
Jose Delarosa
Alexander Balderson
Facundo Ciccioli
Jacek Nykis
Eduardo Sousa
Thobias Trevisan
Rodrigo Barbieri
Alejandro Santoyo Gonzalez
Sean McGinnis
Claudio Pisa
Shuo Liu
Matus Kosut
Stephen Muss
Camille Rodriguez
Aggelos Kolaitis
Nicolas Bock

OpenStack Charms Team

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