Uniting TC and UC

Mohamed Elsakhawy m2elsakha at gmail.com
Thu May 7 14:32:42 UTC 2020

Hi All,

As you may know already, there has been an ongoing discussion to merge UC
and TC under a single body. Three options were presented, along with their
impact on the bylaws.


We had several discussions in the UC on the three options as well as the UC
items that need to be well-represented under the common committee, and
here’s what we propose for the merger:

1- There’s consensus on utilizing option 1, thus requiring no bylaws change
and merging AUC and ATC :

1- No bylaws change

As bylaws changes take a lot of time and energy, the simplest approach would
be to merge the TC and UC without changing the bylaws at all. The single
body (called TC) would incorporate the AUC criteria by adding all AUC
members as extra-ATC. It would tackle all aspects of our community. To
respect the letter of the bylaws, the TC would formally designate 5 of its
members to be the 'UC' and those would select a 'UC chair'. But all tasks
would be handled together.

2- Two main core UC responsibilities need to continue to be represented
under TC

 - Representing the user community to the broader community (Board of
directors, TC...)

-  Working with user groups worldwide to keep the community vibrant and

3- The current active workgroups under UC’s governance will be moved to be
under TC’s governance.

4- AUC and ATC to be merged into a single list, potentially called AC
(Active Contributor)

5- We hope to have the merger finalized before the upcoming UC elections in
September 2020.

In addition to discussions over the mailing list, we also have the
opportunity of "face-to-face" discussions at the upcoming PTG.



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