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Tue Mar 31 21:34:03 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

As we continue to gather feedback and discuss what a virtual OpenDev will look like, we wanted to provide you with an update around the event. While we are still attempting to solve some of the riddles of virtual event world, we did come up with some decisions that give us something to build on, which are based on input and experience from members of the Programming Committee.

- OpenDev will happen after the Virtual PTG (exact format and timing TBD)
- Will not be simultaneous/parallel Tracks so everyone has the opportunity to participate in more than one
- 3 Tracks, each on different date:
	- Hardware Automation
	- Large Scale Ops
	- Containers in Production

We also discussed the original intent and goals of OpenDev to make sure we’re still heading in a direction that’s beneficial for the community, especially since it will no longer directly precede the upcoming PTG. Similar to past OpenDev events, the goal is to identify the questions we don’t have the answers for, and to use that time to dive in and determine the work ahead of us, working together, sharing use cases, and learning from other people asking those same questions. 

High-level decisions, goals, and some areas we’re looking for feedback are in the etherpad below. As you continue to experience this new amazing world of virtual events, please add any feedback or ideas to the etherpad below. We’re looking forward to creating virtual OpenDev with you all! <>


Ashlee Ferguson
Community & Events Coordinator
OpenStack Foundation

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