[election][cinder] PTL candidacy for Victoria

Brian Rosmaita rosmaita.fossdev at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 00:36:43 UTC 2020

Hello everyone,

I would like to announce my candidacy for Cinder PTL for the Victoria cycle.

Given that I'm the current PTL, you already have a pretty good idea of 
what things will be like on the Cinder project with me in that role and 
whether or not it would be a good idea for me to continue.  So instead 
of bribing you with campaign promises, I'd like to take this opportunity 
to look at the current state of the project and what things look like 
for the Victoria cycle.

The Cinder community remained fairly stable from Train to Ussuri, which 
was great in these downsizing times.  Some of the drivers that were 
marked 'unsupported' for the Train release have been restored to 
'supported' status during the Ussuri cycle.  Some, however, have not. 
We relaxed the removal policy to give vendors more time to address CI 
issues and to make it easier for operators using such drivers.  We'll 
see during the Victoria cycle whether this actually encourages the 
vendors of drivers that have been declared 'unsupported' to get their 
third-party CIs running again and having the drivers reinstated.

During Ussuri, the team gained more testing expertise, particularly 
around creating more scenario tests, though this hasn't been reflected 
yet in committed code.  As we get more scenario tests into the 
cinder-tempest-plugin, we'll be able to catch more bugs that affect 
multiple drivers, whereas now what mostly happens is that driver 
maintainers fix these piecemeal as they become aware that they affect 
their drivers.  Thus, increasing the scnario test coverage will continue 
to be a focus in Victoria.

The virtual PTG that we held as a follow-up to the Shanghai PTG was 
productive, as were the two virtual mid-cycle meetings we had this 
cycle.  So I think we're in good shape to make the most of the fully 
virtual Victoria PTG.

I think as a community, we're all doing good work on the Cinder project. 
  We've got cinderlib to keep us relevant in a container-oriented world, 
and I think we're doing a solid job keeping the software stable and 
reliable.  I'm sure the driver maintainers would like to see faster 
review turnaround (as would we all), so it will be a priority early in 
the cycle to identify contributors interested in becoming members of the 
cinder-core team and mentoring them along so that we can eventually 
increase the size of the core team during the cycle.

In short, things are good, they could be better, and I'd like the 
opportunity to help drive the project as Victoria PTL.

Thank you for your consideration,
Brian Rosmaita (rosmaita)

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