OpenStack should be buildable with sphinx 2.4: FTBFS in many packages

Thomas Goirand zigo at
Sat Mar 28 22:32:50 UTC 2020

Hi there!

Thanks for your reply.

On 3/28/20 10:05 PM, Akihiro Motoki wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 28, 2020 at 6:34 PM Thomas Goirand <zigo at> wrote:
>> Sphinx 2.4 has been uploaded to Experimental. I just received bug
>> reports against the OpenStack packages because some of them cannot be
>> built with Sphinx 2.4. Here's the list:
>> - ironic
>> - os-api-ref
> I can build the document with sphinx 2.4.4.

For Ironic, the bug report is here:

For os-api-ref, here:

the bug in os-api-ref is *not* in its documentation, but in os-api-ref
itself, unfortunately (failure to run unit tests...).

>> - aodh
>> - cloudkitty
>> - kombu

> This is not part of OpenStack and is not found in

Kombu, probably, however it's used in many OpenStack projects, like
taskflow, oslo.messaging, ceilometer, heat, mistral, murano...

The other 2 really are in opendev:

>> - dracclient
>> - glareclient
>> - murano-pkg-check
>> - os-xenapi
>> - scciclient
>> - sahara
>> - sphinxcontrib-programoutput
> This is not part of OpenStack and is not found in

Does your sentence intend to apply to all what you've quoted? :)
Hopefully not ... and assuming not:

sphinxcontrib-programoutput is used in many docs in OpenStack, so it is
also relevant to have it in the list.

>> - tempest-horizon
> sphinx document is not actually used and the content was not changed
> under the initial cookiecutter commit.
> I proposed a patch to drop sphinx related stuffs. Hope it works for you.

Thanks. I'll drop the doc package then.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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