Summary: Ironic Mid-cycle at CERN

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Tue Mar 24 01:55:15 UTC 2020

On 3/16/20 16:25, Julia Kreger wrote:


> Traits/Scheduling/Flavor Explosion
> ===========================
> Arne with CERN raised this topic to bring greater awareness. CERN
> presently has greater than 100 flavors representing their hardware
> fleet as each physical machine type gets its own flavor. This has
> resulted in pain from the lack of flavor specific quotas. What may
> help in this area is for Resource Class based quotas, but presently
> the state of that work is unknown. The bottom line: A user does not
> have clarity into their resource usage. The question then shifted to
> being able to report utilization since the current quota model is
> based on cores/RAM/instances but not resource_class consumption as a
> whole.
> The question largely being “How many am I allowed to create? [before I
> eat someone else’s capacity]”.
> was raised as a reporting tool
> that may help with these sorts of situations with bare metal cloud
> operators. Another point raised in this discussion was the lack of
> being able to tie consumer and project ID to consumed resources, but
> it turns out the allocation list functionality in Placement now has
> this functionality.
> In the end of this discussion, there was consensus that this should be
> brought back to the Nova community radar.


FYI work is in progress to add the ability to have resource class based 
quota limits as part of the larger effort to add support for unified 
limits in nova:

Specifically, this work-in-progress patch will extract resource classes 
from a flavor and use them during quota limit enforcement:


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