[openstack.org] SEO Improvements

Sean Mooney smooney at redhat.com
Thu Mar 19 23:26:52 UTC 2020

On Thu, 2020-03-19 at 18:04 -0500, Ben Nemec wrote:
> On 3/14/20 9:20 AM, Jeremy Stanley wrote:
> > On 2020-03-14 14:05:32 +0000 (+0000), Sean Mooney wrote:
> > > On Sat, 2020-03-14 at 09:36 -0400, Donny Davis wrote:
> > 
> > [...]
> > > > It would be really great if when you click the current release
> > > > is X button at the top of the page it would reload the same doc
> > > > and just replace the release instead of directing you back to
> > > > the home page of the doc release.
> > 
> > [...]
> > > yes althought that is not a SEO thing i think we need to change
> > > how that baner is create but i basically always ignore it because
> > > it does not do what i want so removing it entirly or more helpflly
> > > making it link to the latest verion of the current doc would both
> > > be greate improvemnts.
> > 
> > The solution to the technical problem is straightforward (even a
> > simple HTML form element would to the trick), the bigger challenge
> > is logistical: Content moves around between releases, it's not just
> > renamed but often gets split or combined too, and lots of times
> > folks don't think to include redirects from old filenames when they
> > make major edits like that. All too often when I'm looking something
> > up in the published HTML copies of our documentation I'll land on
> > the wrong version, edit the URL to a later release, and get a 404
> > for that file. Someone (really multiple someones) will need to do a
> > thorough audit to work out what redirects we missed between previous
> > releases as well as coming up with ways to better remind folks to
> > add redirects and maybe leave other breadcrumb trails when making
> > future changes.
> > 
> I just ran into this and I think there's a middle ground that would 
> still help a lot. Right now if you click on the banner to go to the 
> latest release it redirects you back to the main docs.openstack.org 
> page. Could it at least redirect you to the root of the project you were 
> already looking at? I realize that might break on project renames, but 
> that seems like a massively smaller problem to solve than trying to keep 
> track of internal structural changes in each project's docs.
that would be an improvment.

medium term regardign doc resturcing i was wondering if there was a way to add a metadta tag fo some form to a page
like a uuid that would live with that doument enve if it was renamed that we could link too instead?

e.g. in each doc add a  .. unique_id : <some uuid>
and then create a directory at the top that would have a fill per uuid which just contains a redirect to the relevent

so the baner would link to ${base_domain}/<project>/latest/reirects/${uuid} which would be a file genereated by sphinx
that redirect to the file corresponding to ${uuid}


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