[ironic] proposing Iury Gregory for bifrost-core, ironic-inspector-core, sushy-core

Arne Wiebalck arne.wiebalck at cern.ch
Mon Mar 16 17:21:56 UTC 2020

On 11.03.20 19:54, Julia Kreger wrote:
> Iury has been working hard across the ironic community and has been
> quite active in changing and improving our CI, as well as reviewing
> code contributions and helpfully pointing out issues or items that
> need to be fixed. I feel that he is on track to join ironic-core in
> the next few months, but first I propose we add him to bifrost-core,
> ironic-inspector-core, and sushy-core.
> Any objections?


Good work and thanks for all your help, Iury!

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