[requirements] add sqlalchemy-filters

Matthew Thode mthode at mthode.org
Sat Mar 14 03:52:58 UTC 2020

On 20-03-14 10:10:55, Prashant Bhole wrote:
> Hello requirements people,
> I wanted to discuss about addition of this new requirement:
> sqlalchemy-filters
> https://pypi.org/project/sqlalchemy-filters/
> Why it is needed:
> This library is used in Tacker project for the implementation
> of Attribute Filtering of VNF Packages defined in ETSI
> NFV_SOL005 section It is used for adding filter
> criterion to SQL alchemy queries. These criterion are based
> on attribute values of VNF Packages passed in the GET
> request to list VNF Packages. This library can be reused
> for similar cases in future.
> Matthew Thode had raised a concern about this project
> being stale as there are pending PRs. On contacting with
> the developer of the library the developer said that he will
> will work on pending PRs. The project is being actively
> maintained.
> Please review it.
> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/710555/
> Thanks,
> Prashant

Good to hear about the dev becoming more active again (and more
importantly responding upon being contacted).  I'll go over the review
again this weekend.

Matthew Thode
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