[all][ideas] Introducing Project Teapot: a baremetal cloud for the 2020s

Zane Bitter zbitter at redhat.com
Tue Mar 10 02:21:11 UTC 2020

I'm pleased to announce the first entry on the new Ideas site (I wanted 
to call it Crazy Ideas, but JP overruled me and he did all the work to 
set it up), which also happens to be the reason the Ideas site exists: 
Project Teapot.

(Before we go any further; we all wear a lot of hats in this community, 
so I'd like to make clear that I'm writing this email wearing my 
cap-and-bells in my capacity as self-appointed spokes-jester for Project 
Teapot, and no other.)

What is Project Teapot? It's a new kind of cloud that has only one type 
of workload: Kubernetes on bare metal.

Intrigued? Read on:


What does this have to do with OpenStack? Well, it turns out that the 
OpenStack community has already built a lot (but not all) of the 
implementations of things that a cloud like this would need, in the form 
of projects like Ironic, Manila, Cinder, Keystone, Designate, Barbican. 
Plus we think it could probably be run as an OpenStack service alongside 
an existing OpenStack cloud when desired as well.

Thanks are due to all of the folks who helped develop this idea, and the 
domain experts who reviewed it to hopefully eliminate the most egregious 

Now it's over to you.

If you need this, or want to help implement it, we'd like to hear from 
you on this thread. If you think this is a terrible idea and we should 
all be run out of town on a rail, we want to hear that too! (Pro tip: 
use the hashtag #ProjectCrackpot when you complain about it on Twitter.)

If you have corrections or additional implementation ideas to add, feel 
free to submit a patch to the openstack/ideas repo. You can also add 
questions as inline comments on the original review 
(https://review.opendev.org/710173) if you want. It might pay to flag 
anything you post to Gerrit in this thread as well to make sure it's not 

Finally, if you have ideas of your own, please submit them to the Ideas 
repo. Remember, they can be as crazy as you want. Let's not let the 
wisdom of the OpenStack community remain locked up in individual heads.


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