[sdk][congress][octavia][designate][magnum][senlin][swift] Adding project-specific cores to SDK

Slawek Kaplonski skaplons at redhat.com
Fri Mar 6 07:31:07 UTC 2020


I’m fine with adding those new people to the core team. As Monty said, I’m not doing too many reviews in sdk project but I’m trying to always check neutron related changes and I think that having such expert for other projects would be good too.

> On 6 Mar 2020, at 04:40, Eric Fried <openstack at fried.cc> wrote:
> Any chance of reusing the “PTL ack” bot that has recently appeared in the releases repo? But as a “SME ack” that would recognize anyone from $project’s core team? (How does the releases bot know which project the patch is for? Might have to be a bit fuzzy on that logic for SDK/OSC.)

That also seems like potential solution but as changes in this repo are a bit differently then in e.g. releases repo how bot will exactly know which PTL should approve the patch? It may be much harder to do here than in releases repo, no?

> Then the team could adopt a policy of single core approval if the patch has this SME +1, and no real danger of “abuse”.
> Eric Fried

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