[sdk] Additions and subtractions from core team

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Wed Mar 4 16:56:13 UTC 2020


With the previous email about merging OSC and SDK teams, I’d also like to propose the following changes to the SDK core team (keeping in mind that likely means the core team of both OSC and SDK real soon now)


Akihiro Motoki - The only OSC core not in sdk-core. amotoki should really be a core in all projects anyway 
Sean McGinnis - Sean has been reviewing things as a stable branch maint in both SDK and OSC, and as such has shown a good tendency to help things along when needed and to not approve things when he doesn’t know what’s up.


All of these people are awesome, but they’re all long gone:

Brian Curtin
Clint Byrum
Everett Toews
Jamie Lennox
Jesse Noller
Ricardo Carillo Cruz
Richard Theis
Rosario Di Somma
Sam Yaple
Terry Howe


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