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Items: [lists.openstack.org代发][nova] ask some questions about flavor


> I have two questions about the flavor. One is the property "OS-FLV-DISABLED:disabled" defined when we created the flavor, but there is no method to change the property. And I see a patch about this [1], but it is abandoned. So I want to know our community how

> to consider this function.

"OS-FLV-DISABLED:disabled", this is typically only visible to administrative users. I'm not sure if it is worth supporting the modification/update. I think it should be planned in advance for managers. If the specific extra spec bound to flavor is only used as a dedicated flavor.

> Another one is when we call the "list-migrations" api, why we receive the new_instance_type_id and old_instance_type_id in response of list_migrations should be internal value for the migration-type is "resize"[2]? Maybe the value should be exposed on REST

> API, so that we can know which is the old flavor.

In microversion 2.23 we support to show “migration-type” in the List Migrations API [1][2], I think you call List Migrations REST  API is not add the “OpenStack-API-Version” or “X-OpenStack-Nova-API-Version”, right?

And you can get the list migrations filter by “migration-type” (enum in: evacuation, live-migration, migration (cold), resize), as the call such as: that show what migration type what you want.

[1] API changes:,show-migration-details-detail,id320-detail#list-migrations

[2] microverion 2.3:

> Can you tell me more about this? Thank you very much.




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