[nova] [neutron] multiple fixed_ip

Arnaud Morin arnaud.morin at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 13:01:04 UTC 2020

Hello all,

I was doing some tests to create a server using nova API.
My objective is to create a server with one port but multiples IPs (one
IPv4 and one IPv6).

If I understand well the neutron API, I can create a port using the
fixed_ips array parameter [1]

Unfortunately, on nova side, it seems to only accept a string with only
one ip (fixed_ip) [2]

Is it mandatory for me to create the port with neutron?
Or is there any trick that I missed on nova API side?


[1] https://docs.openstack.org/api-ref/network/v2/?expanded=create-port-detail#ports
[2] https://docs.openstack.org/api-ref/compute/?expanded=create-server-detail#create-server

Arnaud Morin

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