[neutron] DVR / IPv6 on provider network instead?

Eric K. Miller emiller at genesishosting.com
Sun Jun 28 03:52:40 UTC 2020



Should I assume that the statement:


"IPv6 traffic is not distributed, even when DVR is enabled. IPv6 routing
does work, but all ingress/egress traffic must traverse through the
centralized Controller node. Customers that are extensively using IPv6
routing are advised not to use DVR at this time."


is still true in Stein and later (we are running Stein for now, which is
why I explicitly mentioned this version)?


If so, is there a possibility of using a provider network that is
connected to all compute nodes where IPv6 subnets are issued to tenants
from a subnet pool, with traffic being routed directly to an external
router (not a Neutron router) using Linux Bridge instead of OVS?  Yet,
still use port security?


Just trying to figure out the best way to support IPv6 without
forwarding all traffic through a single network node, while using DVR
for IPv4.


Also, unrelated, but hopefully a quick question...  is the "internal" or
"external" label on a network just used for filtering lists, such as for
"openstack network list --external"?  or does it change the behavior of



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