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Apsey, Christopher CAPSEY at augusta.edu
Fri Jun 26 16:20:15 UTC 2020


Ref: https://www.fifthdomain.com/dod/army/2020/06/25/pandemic-doesnt-slow-cyber-training-for-the-army/

The system referenced in the article was the one that I managed in my previous job and is an OpenStack/Ceph platform.  It started as three servers that we took out of the trash and slapped on a desk in a classroom four years ago using MOS 8.0 and grew to hit ~20,000 cores and ~12PB of raw ceph storage a few months ago right before I left.

We used a mix of UCA and RDO packages depending on the project as well as source compilation if needed.  The system referenced in the article is a close fork of https://github.com/GeorgiaCyber/kinetic.

Special thanks to the folks at Red Hat and Canonical as well as all the other companies and individual contributors that made that success possible.  Everyone's contribution matters.

Chris Apsey
Director | Georgia Cyber Range

100 Grace Hopper Lane | Augusta, Georgia | 30901

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