[dragonflow] Finish retiring project

Sean McGinnis sean.mcginnis at gmx.com
Tue Jun 23 15:00:08 UTC 2020

This is a notice to make sure folks are aware. I plan on completing the
retirement process for the dragonflow project.

Dragonflow was removed from official governance in late 2018 with:


While removed from governance, the project still had a few occasional
contributors. Actual development had already tapered off, but really
since removal from governance, activity has dwindled to the occasional
gate or requirement related update, or random typo corrections.

The last patches that have merged for this repo were in August 2019, and
gate jobs have been broken for some time now with no one working on
fixing them.

This is to serve as an announcement of my intent to follow the
retirement process to officially mark the project as retired and clean
things up.

Please respond here if there are an concerns about this plan.


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