[horizon] patternfly?

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Sat Jun 20 21:46:46 UTC 2020

On 6/19/20 10:03 PM, Mohammed Naser wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I was wondering if anyone in the community has explored the idea of
> implementing PatternFly inside Horizon.  It seems like it shares a lot
> of the similar ideas that we use and we could really benefit from using
> a common library that already exists with a lot of good UX thought
> behind it.
> I know it's based on React which is a bit of a leap from where Horizon
> is today.  However, I'd be curious if the Horizon team is interested in
> figuring out a plan to make a migration to something like this happen.
> Personally, I think I would be able to provide resources to have
> someone do this work.  However, if this seems like a huge stretch and
> architecture change where it actually makes more sense to stand this up
> from scratch (and implement an architecture where the dashboard talks
> directly to the APIs?), perhaps we should explore that.
> I also would like to hear more from our extended community too, as I
> think we really need to improve our user interface experience.
> Thanks,
> Mohammed
> -- 
> Mohammed Naser

Stuff based on npm are *very* difficult to maintain on downstream
distributions, because of the way apps are getting dependencies (ie: by
the 100s of dependencies, each of them having to be packaged separately
as separate libraries).

So, before considering any solution for the web, please consider the
amount of work necessary to do the packaging. For example, I would *not*
have the bandwidth to package 100s of nmp components.

These are just general remarks, I don't know any specifics about this
particular library (just saw its package.json which is as horrifying
(from a package maintainer perspective) as any other npm app...).


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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