[announce] [debian] New deb-status page and extrepo configuration available for OpenStack on Debian

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Sun Jun 14 14:02:55 UTC 2020


We've just setup online a new deb-status system [2] to compare what's
been released in OpenStack upstream and what has been packaged in
Debian. This is an effort to keep each stable branch up-to-date in
Debian. This has been possible thanks to Michal Arbet from ultimum.io
who wrote os-version-checker [1]. So, a big up to him and ultimum

Note that the Rocky page may not reflect reality, since most of the
components are available directly in Debian Buster. Browsing this page,
you will notice that both Train and Ussuri are pretty much in an
up-to-date shape! :) Note that this page is updated every hours.

Also, the Debian packages are now available using extrepo, to make it
easier to install. Extrepo is an initiative from Wouter Verhelst to have
something comparable to PPA, at least in the way to install the
repositories (ie: super easy now...). For example, to install Ussuri in
Buster, one can do:

apt-get install -t buster-backports extrepo
extrepo enable openstack_ussuri

This will install the repository as:

then you can start using Ussuri using apt as usual.

Last, we're searching for volunteers to mirror the osbpo.debian.net
Buster backport repositories (to make sure it isn't only on the hands of
me and my employer). The only thing that shall be done is to setup an
rsync mirroring of the repositories. Best would be to have a mirror in
north-America and in Asia. If you're volunteering for this, especially
if you are administering a CDN, please get in touch.

Hoping this will improve the OpenStack on Debian experience,

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

[1] https://salsa.debian.org/openstack-team/debian/os-version-checker
[2] http://osbpo.debian.net/deb-status/

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