Idempotency for multiple nics

Nadarajah, Sathia Sathia.Nadarajah.2 at
Wed Jun 10 06:35:49 UTC 2020

Hi All,

We are facing the exact issue that is outlined here,

“When a server is created with multiple nics which holds security groups, module was applying default SG to the server & remove SG on the nics.”

And we are on the following version of openstacksdk

(ansible) [root at ansnvlonls01 bin]# source /var/lib/awx/venv/mypy3/bin/activate
(mypy3) [root at ansnvlonls01 bin]# pip show openstacksdk
Name: openstacksdk
Version: 0.46.0
Summary: An SDK for building applications to work with OpenStack
Author: OpenStack
Author-email: openstack-discuss at
License: UNKNOWN
Location: /var/lib/awx/venv/mypy3/lib/python3.6/site-packages
Requires: netifaces, iso8601, keystoneauth1, os-service-types, PyYAML, cryptography, six, requestsexceptions, decorator, pbr, jmespath, appdirs, munch, jsonpatch, dogpile.cache

When can we expect to have this fix factored into openstacksdk ?



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