Re:[cyborg][ptg] Cyborg PTG Summary for the Day — Come in series

yumeng bao yumeng_bao at
Mon Jun 8 04:19:11 UTC 2020

Hi all,

All topics for cyborg PTG are done! Notes and comments are on the etherpad. 
Thank you all for the great topics, participation, discussion etc!
Topics that have come to an conclusion are marked with [AGREE] or [ACTION], while topics that need further discussion are not.

listed below are important topics that need further discussion either in the format of future meeting or maillist or a spec:

1. 3rd party CI support for new drivers 
   * define which tempest tests need to be used in 3rd party CI. 
2. cyborg/neutron/nova sriov intigration
   * a spec in nova will be proposed to continue discussion

If you have any feedbacks please reply here or in IRC.


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