[all][InteropWG] Last call for interop capabilities from OpenStack partciapting projects

prakash RAMCHANDRAN pramchan at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 7 05:55:49 UTC 2020

Hi all,
We are happy to report that score of people turned up  for Interop WG discussions on First call on Monday June1st.Friday  5th June we had a review call to consolidate and follow up on guidelines for the OpenStack Powered Trademark Program. https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/victoria-ptg-interop-wghttps://etherpad.opendev.org/p/interop

Please note the terminology -https://github.com/openstack/interop/blob/master/doc/source/schema/2.0.rst#capabilities
capabilities - required, advisory, deprecated, removed
                          Stein           Train /add    Ussuri/delete     Victoria
KeystoneGlanceSwift       Nova                                                         NA (Ironic BM)              Neutron                                                      Cinder                                                                   v2
Add-ons OpenStack Powered - Orchestration & DNSHeatDesignate
Based on current review there are no net new APIs to be added to Ussuri cycle with respect to Stein that are eligible for Interop Programs.The above project teams can go through codeRefStack server guidelines page
RefStack Client. 

 Artem Goncharov (irc: gtema) - ANswers to Questions by Artem and follow up actions - refstack-client seems to be orphaned now and offered changes are not reviewed (gtema) - There is access failure and is being addressed by Mark, after that we will review this with help of gtema to file a ticket with bug details
 - link between guideline and required tempest is desired, since it requires currently effors to nail down failures by jumping between tempest versions (gtema) - This a feature add request, need a story or bug to aggressed in Tempest by gtema - network extensions api - does it make sense to include it? - Note any L2/L3  CRUD on network, subnet and ports and all their attributes are covered. The plug-ins and admin user requirements for extensions are out of scope and hence not considered. However you may verify with Neutron team as what is their proposal to this team?  - resource tagging apis - does it make sense to include them? - Reosurce taggin again are optional attirbutes to reousrce ID and very speicifc to resource under trait libraray or ad-hoc to Vendor specific plugins and drivers and will not qualify for interoperability. You can still ask if any new resources that are used by any of core projects to propose and justify why tha'ts required for interop testing?

Attached the current diff's for both 2020.06.json vs 2019.11.json and similar diff's for add-ons for Orchstration and DNS.
Seeking volunteers to update web page write-up  and logos to be proposed for "Openstack Powerd Orchestaion" & Openstack Powered DNS". Heat ans Designate teams can suggest what they would like to bring to table for draft and approval to board? 

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