[all] Week Out PTG Details & Registration Reminder

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Wed Jun 3 03:41:05 UTC 2020

On 2020-06-03 01:18:43 +0200 (+0200), Thomas Goirand wrote:
> 1/ Zoom is the default, Jitsi is the alternative. It should have
> been the other way around, as now, mostly everyone will be using
> Zoom. Participants will find me moronic to require something else
> than Zoom.

So far I've been in sessions for 5 different teams, and 4 of them
used our Meetpad instance instead of Zoom. There has been some
struggle for rooms in the 40 participant range, but we've scaled the
cluster to be able to handle many rooms at least.

> 2/ Zoom doesn't work for me in in Firefox of Chromium (on Debian
> Buster). The only thing it wants is to start the (non-free) Zoom
> app, which I do not want to install, for security and moral
> reasons.

An HTML5 client is enabled for the Zoom rooms, but there's a bit of
a trick to accessing it because they'd rather you ran their
proprietary binary extension or standalone client. When you first go
to the meeting URL, cancel the client download pop-up. Then click
the link to download the client and cancel the pop-up again. After
the second download cancellation it will add a link to use the
browser-based HTML5 client. Yes it's silly and I'm not a fan, but it
has at least worked for me (I used Chromium, mainly because I
normally use Firefox for everything else and would prefer not to
pollute my FF profile with the necessary microphone access
permissions and so on).

> We're doing free software, can't we forbid using non-free as well
> here? This is very disappointing.

Software freedom is, in many ways, like actual freedom. We encourage
people to use free/libre open source tools, but we can't
realistically forbid any teams from using whatever tools they
prefer, that would only encourage them to do so secretly.

> Note that we did a mini-debconf-online this week-end, and it ran
> ok with many participants in the same room.

I'd love to get some tips from the folks running that Jitsi-Meet
instance, we've definitely been getting a fair number of complaints
about ours causing participants' browsers to eat most of their
processor capacity, sound cutting in and out or being completely
silent and needing to reconnect, et cetera. I don't think it's been
the case for a majority of participants, but it's enough that it
seems to have driven some teams to choose proprietary alternatives
after they gave it a try. We'd love to improve the user experience.
Jeremy Stanley
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