[Virtual PTG][nova][sdk] Future of microversion support in SDK

Artom Lifshitz alifshit at redhat.com
Mon Jun 1 17:11:15 UTC 2020

tl;dr Artom to work on catching up the SDK to Nova's latest
microversion, any new Nova microversion should come with a
corresponding SDK patch.

Hello folks,

In the SDK/CLI room today we discussed making openstackclient (osc
form now on) the main client for interacting with an OpenStack cloud
and eventually getting rid of the python-*clients.

For context, openstacksdk (sdk from now on) currently has microversion
support similar to how python-*clients handle it: autonegotiate with
the server to the greatest common microversion. Osc, on the other
hand, defaults to 2.1 - anything higher than that needs to be
specified on the command line. The long term plan is to move osc to
consume sdk.

In light of all this, we decided that the best way to achieve the goal
stated in the first paragraph is to:

1. Catch up sdk to Nova. This isn't as daunting as it looks, as the
latest microversion sdk currently supports is 2.72. This means there's
"only" two cycles of catchup to do before we reach Nova's current max
of 2.87. I (Artom) have signed on to do that work, and Mordred has
kindly promised quick review.

2. Officialise a Nova policy of "any new microverison should come with
a corresponding SDK patch." This is essentially what [1] is aiming
for, and it already has wide buy-in from the Nova community.

Converting osc to consume sdk is left to the osc/sdk community, though
obviously any help there will be appreciated, I'm sure.

Please keep me honest if I said anything wrong :)


[1] https://review.opendev.org/#/c/717722/

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