[keystone] is_admin_project=true although no admin project configured

Bernd Bausch berndbausch at gmail.com
Mon Jun 1 05:25:39 UTC 2020

This is on a stable/ussuri Devstack that I spun up about ten days ago.

The documentation for Keystone config option admin_project_name says [1] 
"If left unset, then there is no admin project". It is not set in my 
cloud, as evidenced by this:

$ sudo journalctl -u devstack at keystone |grep admin_project_name
Jun 01 11:49:55 ussuri devstack at keystone.service[806]: DEBUG uwsgi [-] 
*resource.admin_project_name = None *{{(pid=2063) log_opt_values 

However, when authenticating with any project, I see 'is_admin_project': 
True in the log, for example here user /linda /with a project-scoped 
token for project /moon/:

Jun 01 13:55:09 ussuri devstack at keystone.service[806]: DEBUG 
keystone.server.flask.request_processing.middleware.auth_context [None 
req-4d730134-9544-4475-a72f-b2394863345e *moon linda*] RBAC: 
auth_context: {'token': <TokenModel (audit_id=1Ie2AyIdRb2WUkaSjSzDoQ, 
audit_chain_id=['1Ie2AyIdRb2WUkaSjSzDoQ']) at 0x7fca69b75c88>, 
'domain_id': None, 'trust_id': None, 'trustor_id': None, 'trustee_id': 
None, 'domain_name': None, 'group_ids': [], 'user_id': 
'a8c3559f67094f38a5f0d2d0b581f159', 'user_domain_id': 'default', 
'system_scope': None, 'project_id': '163b41b499aa4ac78f2ed968e7fe2a0d', 
'project_domain_id': 'default', 'roles': ['admin', 'reader', 'member'], 
*'is_admin_project': True*, 'service_user_id': None, 
'service_user_domain_id': None, 'service_project_id': None, 
'service_project_domain_id': None, 'service_roles': []} {{(pid=2062) 

It gets worse. When I configure admin_project_name=admin and 
admin_project_domain_name=Default,  I do see is_admin_project: false in 
the log, as expected. Still, /linda/, who has the admin role in the 
/moon /project,//seems to have cloud admin powers. I tested this by 
creating a Cinder volume type and by listing all instances in the cloud.

So it seems to me that Keystone's old behaviour is in effect: I have 
admin powers if I have the /admin /role in any project. To me, this 
looks like a clash between reality and documentation. Am I missing 

Thanks for comments.



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