[manila][infra] Please delete some branches (was [manila] Please delete some branches)

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Thu Jul 30 16:34:14 UTC 2020

On 2020-07-29 14:39:55 -0700 (-0700), Goutham Pacha Ravi wrote:
> I'd like to request the deletion of some branches in manila that have now
> transitioned to EOL. These branches can be removed from openstack/manila,
> openstack/python-manilaclient and openstack/manila-ui:
>      stable/pike
>      stable/ocata
> I'd also like to request the deletion of "driverfixes" branches from the
> openstack/manila repository. These branches were created to host vendor
> fixes to branches that were no longer being tested; however, with our
> "extended maintenance" stance, we've effectively removed the need for these
> branches. These branches will no longer be maintained, and so they can be
> removed as well:
>     driverfixes/mitaka
>     driverfixes/newton
>     driverfixes/ocata

I have manually deleted the following branches:

  driverfixes/mitaka 5ea4d16ba971f95746f3938702d21bf2175b3974
  driverfixes/newton 55f82afe85a9ec3f03e328f8297914e3b5ccf2f2
  driverfixes/ocata 80ff530e420e1080f61b5562196f3e73aad8f12b
  stable/ocata 0e9b76abc1d612cb13fa70d1fcd787c851d7a28a
  stable/pike 58911882ff380421709e260b1a28c1525fb6761e

  stable/ocata a66432796de8ba36e1f726cd6e059288b5477ba1
  stable/pike a3d20831b0ed2415b7c7f869f8b2fdb341013944

  stable/ocata 77d5aa9c74745a1a3e243d3abe0fd304c44567d6
  stable/pike 7f52051e0195a74b805121611cc07bca04e622a1

Please double-check that everything is still in order following
these deletions.
Jeremy Stanley
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