[ironic][neutron][ops] Ironic multi-tenant networking with VXLAN Overlay

Austin Cormier acormier at 128technology.com
Mon Feb 24 15:44:12 UTC 2020

We are using Openstack + Ironic to test routing software which requires the
use of VLANs.  Using VXLan overlays allows the VM's to have nested VLANs
without issue as they are encapsulated into a VXLAN and sent across.
However, we are struggling to find a path forward in extending the VXLAN
overlay out to the hardware device.

Unfortunately, the networking-generic-switch driver does not support VXLAN
but this seems to fairly easy to extend (given the right switch).  The
challenge I'm facing is that with Neutron OVS + L2Pop, there seems to be no
easy way to extend the L2 population to include an external device.

The only path forward that I can see is to use the Linux Bridge driver +
VXLAN multicast and find a switch that also supports VXLAN multicast so it
can participate in the overlay dynamically.  The HPE FlexFabric seems to do
this from the documentation:

Can anyone help confirm that the switch above will work and or give
alternative suggestions on approaching this problem?

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