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> Eric, thank you for your efforts for Nova and I'm glad to meet you in
> Nova. We will, as always, make Nova stronger, and the Nova community will
> become stronger and stronger.. No matter what challenges you accept, I
> think you will be very
> smooth and bless you.
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> Dear OpenStack-
> Due to circumstances beyond my control, my job responsibilities will be
> changing shortly and I will be leaving the community. I have enjoyed my
> time
> here immensely; I have never loved a job, my colleagues, or the tools of
> the
> trade more than I have here.
> My last official day will be March 31st (though some portion of my
> remaining
> time will be vacation -- TBD). Unfortunately this means I will need to
> abdicate my position as Nova PTL mid-cycle. As noted in the last meeting
> [1], I'm calling for a volunteer to take over for the remainder of Ussuri.
> Feel free to approach me privately if you prefer.
> Thanks,
> efried
> [1]
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Nothing makes me sadder than to see you leave Eric.
You have been a great leader for this mission critical project.
You have been an even better mentor to me.
Nobody sees all the private messages where I ask for help from someone who
literally has better things to do.... but takes the time to answer anyways.
Godspeed good friend, I wish you the best of luck in your new role.  There
is no doubt in my mind you will bring something awesome to wherever you
You epitomize my favorite saying "No mission too difficult. No sacrifice
too great. Duty First!"

I have your phone number, so you can expect the dumb questions to come in
there post 31 Mar.

C: 805 814 6800
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