[tripleo][rdo][rdo-dev] Status of RDO Trunk Ussuri on CentOS 7 and transition to CentOS 8

Alfredo Moralejo Alonso amoralej at redhat.com
Thu Feb 20 17:50:37 UTC 2020


I'd like to open a discussion about the status of RDO Ussuri repositories
on CentOS7.

As you know RDO and upstream teams (kolla, puppet-openstack, TripleO,
TripleO CI, etc...) have been working to switch to CentOS8 during last few

In order to make the transition easier from CentOS 7 to CentOS 8, RDO is
still maintaining Trunk repos consistent for both CentOS 7/Python 2 and
CentOS 8/Python 3. As OpenStack projects have been dropping support for P
ython 2, we've started pinning them to the last commit working with
Python 2[1],
we were expecting that transition will finish soon but it's still going on.
Over time, the number of pinned packages has been growing including
services and Oslo libraries where we can't follow upper-constraints anymore
[2]. Recently, Kolla has removed support for CentOS 7 so i doubt it makes
sense to keep pinning packages to keep RDO Trunk consistent artificially
and continue running promotion pipelines on a repo with so many outdated
packages. Also, pinning these projects makes that changes needed for CentOS
8 will not be in RDO and would need to be backported manually to each
package. My proposal is:

- Unpin all packages in Ussuri to follow master trunk, or versions in upper
-constraints (for clients and libraries).
- RDO Ussuri on CentOS 7 repo consistent link will not move anymore (so no
more promotions based on it).
- We will keep running centos7-master DLRN builder, so that packages still
builing with Python 2 will be available in current repo [3] to be used by
teams needing them until migration to CentOS 8 is finished everywhere.
- Projects which already have CentOS 8 jobs gating in master branch can
remove CentOS 7 ones.

We understand this can add some pressure on moving to CentOS8 to the teams
working on it, but I'd say it's already a priority and it's justified at
this stage.

What do you think about this plan?, is there any reason to keep CentOS 7
artificially consistent and promoting at this point of the transition to
CentOS 8?

Best regards,


[1] https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/q/topic:pin-py2
[2] https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/24796/
[3] http://trunk.rdoproject.org/centos7-master/current
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