[kolla][zun] Zun image source

Hongbin Lu hongbin034 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 18 04:30:23 UTC 2020

Hi Kolla team,

I was looking into the CentOS Zun image downloaded from DockerHub. It looks
the source code is from stable/train branch:

  $ docker run kolla/centos-source-zun-compute:master cat
  {"git_version": "25e56636", "is_release": false}

The git_version points to the stable/train branch, but I think it should
point to the master branch. FWIW, I also checked the Ubuntu image and the
git version in there looks correct:

  $ docker run kolla/ubuntu-source-zun-compute:master cat
  {"git_version": "6fbf52ae", "is_release": false}

Any suggestion?

Best regards,
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