[nova] Ussuri feature scrub

Eric Fried openstack at fried.cc
Mon Feb 17 22:15:27 UTC 2020

Nova maintainers and contributors-

{ Please refer to this ML thread [1][2] for background. }

Now that spec freeze has passed, I would like to assess the
Design:Approved blueprints and understand how many we could reasonably
expect to land in Ussuri.

We completed 25 blueprints in Train. However, mriedem is gone, and it is
likely that I will drop off the radar after Q1. Obviously all
blueprints/releases/reviews/etc. are not created equal, but using
stackalytics review numbers as a rough heuristic, I expect about 20
blueprints to get completed in Ussuri. If we figure that 5-ish of the
incompletes will be due to factors beyond our control, that would mean
we should Direction:Approve about 25.

As of this writing:
- 30 blueprints are targeted for ussuri [3]. Of these,
- 7 are already implemented. Of the remaining 23,
- 2 are not yet Design:Approved. These will need an exception if they
are to proceed. And
- 19 (including the unapproved ones) have code in various stages.

I would like to see us cut 5-ish of the 30.

I have made an etherpad [4] with the unimplemented blueprints listed
with owners and code links. I made notes on some of the ones I would
like to see prioritized, and a couple on which I'm more meh. If you have
a stake in Nova/Ussuri, I encourage you to weigh in.

How will we ultimately decide? Will we actually cut anything? I don't
have the answers yet. Let's go through this exercise and see if anything
obvious falls out, and then we can figure out the next steps.


[3] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/ussuri
[4] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/nova-ussuri-planning

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