[charms] OpenStack Charms 20.02 release is now available

Peter Matulis peter.matulis at canonical.com
Mon Feb 17 19:56:03 UTC 2020

The 20.02 release of the OpenStack Charms is now available. This
release brings several new features to the existing OpenStack Charms
deployments for Queens, Rocky, Stein, Train, and many other stable
combinations of Ubuntu + OpenStack.

Please see the Release Notes for full details:

== Highlights ==

* New charm: manila-ganesha
There is a new charm to support Ganesha for use with Manila and
CephFS: manila-ganesha. This charm, as well as the requisite manila
and ceph-fs charms, have been promoted to supported status.

* Swift global cluster
With OpenStack Newton or later, support for a global cluster with
Swift is available as a tech preview.

With OpenStack Train or later, support for integration with Open
Virtual Network (OVN) is available as a tech preview.

* MySQL8
With Ubuntu 19.10 or later, support for MySQL 8 is available as a tech preview.

* New charms: watcher and watcher-dashboard
There are two new charms to support Watcher, the resource optimization
service for multi-tenant OpenStack-based clouds: watcher and
watcher-dashboard. This is the first release of these charms and they
are available as a tech preview.

* Policy overrides
The policy overrides feature provides operators with a mechanism to
override policy defaults on a per-service basis. The last release
(19.10) introduced the feature for a number of charms. This release
adds support for openstack-dashboard and octavia charms.

* Disabling snapshots as a boot source for the OpenStack dashboard
Snapshots can be disabled as valid boot sources for launching
instances in the dashboard. This is done via the new
'disable-instance-snapshot' configuration option in the
openstack-dashboard charm.

== OpenStack Charms team ==
The OpenStack Charms team can be contacted on the #openstack-charms
IRC channel on Freenode.

== Thank you ==
Lots of thanks to the below 49 charm contributors who squashed 53
bugs, enabled support for a new release of OpenStack, improved
documentation, and added exciting new functionality!

Liam Young
Corey Bryant
Peter Matulis
Sahid Orentino Ferdjaoui
Frode Nordahl
Alex Kavanagh
David Ames
Chris MacNaughton
Stamatis Katsaounis
Tiago Pasqualini
Andrew McLeod
Ryan Beisner
James Page
Felipe Reyes
Edward Hope-Morley
Adam Dyess
Xuan Yandong
Arif Ali
Chris Johnston
Aurelien Lourot
Alexandros Soumplis
Jose Guedez
Tytus Kurek
Seyeong Kim
Dongdong Tao
Haw Loeung
Jorge Niedbalski
Qiu Fossen
Yanos Angelopoulos
Syed Mohammad Adnan Karim
Xiyue Wang
Adam Dyess
Jose Delarosa
Alexander Balderson
Andreas Jaeger
Dmitrii Shcherbakov
Jacek Nykis
Thobias Trevisan
Hemanth Nakkina
Shuo Liu
Drew Freiberger
Aggelos Kolaitis

OpenStack Charms Team

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