[blazar] Spec for flexible reservation policy enforcement

Jason Anderson jasonanderson at uchicago.edu
Mon Feb 17 17:19:36 UTC 2020

Hi all,

Last week I introduced a final version of the flexible reservation usage spec[1]. This builds on the original spec proposed by Pierre Riteau some months ago. The purpose of the functionality is to allow operators to define various limits or more sophisticated policies around advanced reservations, in order to prevent e.g., a single user from reserving all resources for an indefinite amount of time. Instead of a quota-based approach, the decisions are delegated to an external service; a future improvement could be providing a default implementation (perhaps using quotas and some default time limits) that can be deployed alongside Blazar.

I would appreciate reviews from the core team and feedback from others as to the design. This work is planned for Ussuri pending spec approval.


[1]: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/707042/

Jason Anderson

Chameleon DevOps Lead
Consortium for Advanced Science and Engineering, The University of Chicago
Mathematics & Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory
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