[quuens] neutron vxlan to vxlan

CHANU ROMAIN romain.chanu at univ-lyon1.fr
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You could do it if you use linuxbridge driver, arp_responder has to be set to false. VMware's VNI has to be set in multicast mode, then if OS et NSX use same multicast IP VM should be able to communicate.

If your ESX et OS's hypervisors are not conencted to same network, you have to enable PIM in your router.

Anyway this configuration is a bit dirty and you should look a proper way to make it works over L3. A VPN inside each subnets with static routes is cleaner and less risky.

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Hello, I have an openstack installation and a vcenter installation with nsxv.
Vcenter is not under openstack
Any solution for vxlan to vxlan communication between them?

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