[osc][neutron] security group list slow in Stein

Eric K. Miller emiller at genesishosting.com
Tue Dec 29 04:36:40 UTC 2020



We are working on upgrade planning for our Stein deployments, but since
we have some time before this will be finalized, I thought I'd ask if
there has been any performance improvement/fixes in the performance of
the "security group list" command in the OpenStack Client and/or Neutron


"security group rule list" is nearly instant (when authenticated to a
project), and returns more info than security group list, but "security
group list" can take up to 29 seconds in the worst case when
authenticated to a project.


Oddly enough, when logged in as cloud admin, "security group list" only
takes about 14 seconds, even though it is displaying every security
group in the cloud (in our case, quite a few!).


Also, just wondering if anyone else has this issue.



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