New nova compute nodes not correctly adding into service

Grant Morley grant at
Thu Dec 24 16:33:11 UTC 2020

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction with an 
issue we are having adding in new compute nodes to our platform. We have 
been trying to add a few new compute nodes to increase our capacity and 
upon configuring them with OSA and them appearing to be in service we 
have noticed that no new instances are provisioning onto them. We did a 
test by disabling all compute nodes except for the new ones and an 
instance launch failed with "No valid compute hosts were found"

We have enabled debug mode on Nova and also looked at the nova-api 
containers ( scheduler, compute etc ) and it appears there is not even 
an attempt to try and launch an instance on the new hosts from what we 
can see.

The only thing we have noticed on the newly added hosts is that the 
"privsep-helper" doesn't appear to be started whereas on a working node 
it is running.

We have not changed the software versions of OpenStack or OSA, we are 
running Queens.

The newly added compute node is reporting itself back fine from what we 
can see:

  Total usable vcpus: 72, total allocated vcpus: 0 
2020-12-24 16:26:32.895 6491 INFO nova.compute.resource_tracker 
[req-6c58a97e-b7cb-4987-a219-da5b1ce156f8 - - - - -] Final resource 
view: name=compute-27.openstack.local phys_ram=257826MB used_ram=2048MB 
phys_disk=30166GB used_disk=0GB total_vcpus=72 used_vcpus=0 pci_stats=[]
2020-12-24 16:26:33.022 6491 DEBUG nova.compute.resource_tracker 
[req-6c58a97e-b7cb-4987-a219-da5b1ce156f8 - - - - -] Compute_service 
record updated for compute-27:compute-27.openstack.local 
2020-12-24 16:26:33.023 6491 DEBUG oslo_concurrency.lockutils 
[req-6c58a97e-b7cb-4987-a219-da5b1ce156f8 - - - - -] Lock 
"compute_resources" released by 
"nova.compute.resource_tracker._update_available_resource" :: held 
0.334s inner 
2020-12-24 16:26:35.001 6491 DEBUG oslo_service.periodic_task 
[req-6c58a97e-b7cb-4987-a219-da5b1ce156f8 - - - - -] Running periodic 
task ComputeManager._poll_rebooting_instances run_periodic_tasks 

Does anyone know of any other logs we can check / enable that might lead 
us in the right direction to figure out why the new hosts are not adding in?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as we are a bit stumped at the moment.

Many thanks,

Grant Morley
Site Reliability Engineer, Civo Ltd
Unit H-K, Gateway 1000, Whittle Way
Stevenage, Herts, SG1 2FP, UK

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