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On 12/11/20 3:09 PM, Braden, Albert wrote:
>> The old Centos did this work for us; Centos was built on RHEL source that had already been tested by paying customers, and bugs fixed with the urgency that paying customers require.

>This sounds like free beer instead of free speach...

Yes. If you, the community, help us brew the beer, you can drink it for free, or you can pay us to serve it to you on a silver platter. As an incentive to motivate you to help brew the beer, we promise to leave the tap open until 2029.

>> I hope that Rocky Linux [1], under Gregory Kurtzer (founder of the Centos project) will turn out to be a useful alternative. 
>> {1} https://github.com/rocky-linux/rocky

>So you haven't learned from this event, it seems...

If we get another 16-year run from Rocky, that would be acceptable. I have hope that the community will remember the history, when an altruistic corporation offers to take over Rocky and make it more wonderful for everyone.

Quotes from 2014:
Brian Stevens, executive vice president and chief technology officer, Red Hat
"It is core to our beliefs that when people who share goals or problems are free to connect and work together, their pooled innovations can change the world. We believe the open source development process produces better code, and a community of users creates an audience that makes code impactful. Cloud technologies are moving quickly, and increasingly, that code is first landing in Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Today is an exciting day for the open source community; by joining forces with the CentOS Project, we aim to build a vehicle to get emerging technologies like OpenStack and big data into the hands of millions of developers."

Karanbir Singh, lead developer, CentOS Project
"CentOS owes its success not just to the source code it's built from, but to the hard work and enthusiasm of its user community. Now that we are able to count Red Hat among the active contributors to the CentOS Project, we have access to the resources and expertise we'll need to expand the scope and reach of the CentOS community while remaining committed to our current and new users."

I apologize for the nonsense below. So far I have not been able to stop it from being attached to my external emails. I'm working on it.

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