[EXTERNAL] Re: [kolla] Ussuri Horizon containers fail after Centos 8.3 release

Braden, Albert C-Albert.Braden at charter.com
Wed Dec 9 19:57:48 UTC 2020

The container restarts every few seconds.

It looks like this may be specific to my unusual setup. I'm running Centos8/Ussuri containers on a Centos7/Train cluster to add Adjutant to our existing clusters. When the Horizon container is running Centos 8.3 I have to restart the memcached container on the Centos 7 box after replacing the old Centos 7 container. I didn't see this on Centos 8.2.

It looks like restarting the memcached container is a successful workaround.

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On Wed, Dec 9, 2020 at 3:26 PM Braden, Albert
<C-Albert.Braden at charter.com> wrote:
> We are running Train on Centos 7, but I’m experimenting with Adjutant under Ussuri on Centos 8. Until yesterday my Ussuri Horizon containers were ok, but after the Centos 8.3 release they started failing with “{"log":"CommandError: An error occurred during rendering /var/lib/kolla/venv/lib/python3.6/site-packages/openstack_dashboard/templates/horizon/_scripts.html: Couldn't find any precompiler in COMPRESS_PRECOMPILERS setting for mimetype '\\'text/javascript\\''.\n","stream":"stderr","time":"2020-12-08T20:08:03.267208752Z"}”

Are they failing as in "not starting" or fail to render properly to browser?

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