[Keystone]Question about access rules for identity API

Rikimaru Honjo honjo.rikimaru at ntt-tx.co.jp
Wed Dec 9 09:05:30 UTC 2020


On 2020/12/08 18:36, Rikimaru Honjo wrote:
> Hi,
> Are the access rules not applied for identity API?
> I created an application credential with a access rule that allows
> only project list API.
> But the application credential allows all identity APIs.
> Is this correct? Are there any documents that explains about this?
> By the way, the application credential denied all other service's
> APIs. I think this behavior is correct.
> I use OpenStack Ubuntu.

The last sentence was typo.

"I use OpenStack Ussuri."

> Best regards,

Rikimaru Honjo
E-mail:honjo.rikimaru at ntt-tx.co.jp

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