[FOSDEM] Re: [Openstack][CFP] Virtualization & IaaS Devroom

Kashyap Chamarthy kchamart at redhat.com
Wed Dec 2 11:21:54 UTC 2020

Hi, Piotr — 

I've added the keyword "FOSDEM" to the subject, as "Devroom" might not
ring a bell for everyone :-)

On Tue, Dec 01, 2020 at 06:40:11PM +0100, Piotr Kliczewski wrote:
> We are excited to announce that the call for proposals is now open for the
> Virtualization & IaaS devroom at the upcoming FOSDEM 2021, to be hosted
> virtually on February 6th 2021.
> This year will mark FOSDEM’s 21th anniversary as one of the longest-running
> free and open source software developer events, attracting thousands of
> developers and users from all over the world. Due to Covid-19, FOSDEM will
> be held virtually this year on February 6th & 7th, 2021.
> About the Devroom
> The Virtualization & IaaS devroom will feature session topics such as open
> source hypervisors and virtual machine managers such as Xen Project, KVM,
> bhyve, and VirtualBox, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service projects such as
> KubeVirt, Apache CloudStack, Foreman, OpenStack, oVirt, QEMU and OpenNebula.
> This devroom will host presentations that focus on topics of shared
> interest, such as KVM; libvirt; shared storage; virtualized networking;
> cloud security; clustering and high availability; interfacing with multiple
> hypervisors; hyperconverged deployments; and scaling across hundreds or
> thousands of servers.
> Presentations in this devroom will be aimed at users or developers working
> on these platforms who are looking to collaborate and improve shared
> infrastructure or solve common problems. We seek topics that encourage
> dialog between projects and continued work post-FOSDEM.
> Important Dates
> Submission deadline: 20th of December
> Acceptance notifications: 25th of December
> Final schedule announcement: 31st of December
> Recorded presentations upload deadline: 15th of January
> Devroom: 6th February 2021
> Submit Your Proposal
> All submissions must be made via the Pentabarf event planning site[1]. If
> you have not used Pentabarf before, you will need to create an account. If
> you submitted proposals for FOSDEM in previous years, you can use your
> existing account.
> After creating the account, select Create Event to start the submission
> process. Make sure to select Virtualization and IaaS devroom from the Track
> list. Please fill out all the required fields, and provide a meaningful
> abstract and description of your proposed session.
> Submission Guidelines
> We expect more proposals than we can possibly accept, so it is vitally
> important that you submit your proposal on or before the deadline. Late
> submissions are unlikely to be considered.
> All presentation slots are 30 minutes, with 20 minutes planned for
> presentations, and 10 minutes for Q&A.
> All presentations will need to be pre-recorded and put into our system at
> least a couple of weeks before the event.
> The presentations should be uploaded by 15th of January and made available
> under Creative
> Commons licenses. In the Submission notes field, please indicate that you
> agree that your presentation will be licensed under the CC-By-SA-4.0 or
> CC-By-4.0 license and that you agree to have your presentation recorded.
> For example:
> "If my presentation is accepted for FOSDEM, I hereby agree to license all
> recordings, slides, and other associated materials under the Creative
> Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License. Sincerely,
> <NAME>."
> In the Submission notes field, please also confirm that if your talk is
> accepted, you will be able to attend the virtual FOSDEM event for the Q&A.
> We will not consider proposals from prospective speakers who are unsure
> whether they will be able to attend the FOSDEM virtual event.
> If you are experiencing problems with Pentabarf, the proposal submission
> interface, or have other questions, you can email our devroom mailing
> list[2] and we will try to help you.
> Code of Conduct
> Following the release of the updated code of conduct for FOSDEM, we'd like
> to remind all speakers and attendees that all of the presentations and
> discussions in our devroom are held under the guidelines set in the CoC and
> we expect attendees, speakers, and volunteers to follow the CoC at all
> times.
> If you submit a proposal and it is accepted, you will be required to
> confirm that you accept the FOSDEM CoC. If you have any questions about the
> CoC or wish to have one of the devroom organizers review your presentation
> slides or any other content for CoC compliance, please email us and we will
> do our best to assist you.
> Call for Volunteers
> We are also looking for volunteers to help run the devroom. We need
> assistance with helping speakers to record the presentation as well as
> helping with streaming and chat moderation for the devroom. Please contact
> devroom mailing list [2] for more information.
> Questions?
> If you have any questions about this devroom, please send your questions to
> our devroom mailing list. You can also subscribe to the list to receive
> updates about important dates, session announcements, and to connect with
> other attendees.
> See you all at FOSDEM!
> [1] <https://penta.fosdem.org/submission/FOSDEM17>https://penta.fosdem
> .org/submission/FOSDEM21
> [2] iaas-virt-devroom at lists.fosdem.org


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