[tc][heat][tacker][tosca-parser][heat-translator] Discusssion about heat-translater and tosca-parser maintenance

ueha.ayumu at fujitsu.com ueha.ayumu at fujitsu.com
Tue Dec 1 00:25:12 UTC 2020

Hi Bob and Sahdev

I’m Ueha from tacker team.
Thank you for reviewing my patch on the Victria release.

Excuse me during the discussion about maintenance.
I posted a new bug fix patch for policies validate.
Could you review it? Thanks!

Best regards,

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Subject: RE: [tc][heat][tacker][tosca-parser][heat-translator] Discusssion about heat-translater and tosca-parser maintenance

Hi Rico,

Thanks. OK, we’ll discuss with Bob to proceed with development of the projects.


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Subject: Re: [tc][heat][tacker][tosca-parser][heat-translator] Discusssion about heat-translater and tosca-parser maintenance

On Mon, Nov 30, 2020 at 11:06 AM TAKAHASHI TOSHIAKI(高橋 敏明) <ts-takahashi at nec.com<mailto:ts-takahashi at nec.com>> wrote:
> Need to discuss with Heat, tc, etc.?
> And I'd like to continue to discuss other points such as cooperation with other members(Heat, or is there any users of those?).

I don't think you need further discussion with tc as there still are ways for your patch to get reviewed, release package, or for you to join heat-translator-core team
As we treat heat translator as a separated team, I'm definitely +1 on any decision from Bob. So not necessary to discuss with heat core team unless you find it difficult to achieve above tasks.
I'm more than happy to provide help if needed.

May The Force of OpenStack Be With You,
Rico Lin
irc: ricolin
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