nova config vCenter and creating instance failed

Ankele zhang ankelezhang at
Wed Aug 26 09:30:24 UTC 2020

Hi all
I have config vCenter in my nova.conf, cinder.conf and glance-api.conf.
First of all, I can create VM inner vSphere successfully and I can create
VM inner OpenStack without vCenter configuration successfully.
Now I config vCenter driver in nova, cinder and glance.
Creating images and volumes successfully, but when I create VM instance, I
got the error message "Build of instance
e3e8e049-98fc-486e-95c7-e17ec0e22e59 aborted: 主机配置过程中出错。" , in english is
"Build of instance e3e8e049-98fc-486e-95c7-e17ec0e22e59 aborted: an error
occurred during host configuration". And error in vCSA client is just
"主机配置过程中出错" while creating vm.
OpenStack(Rocky), vSphere(6.7), storage(iSCSI),network(OVS vlan),vCenter
is VMware-VIM-all-6.7.0-16046470.iso installed in windows2012 server.
I don't know where did my configuration error in OpenStack or something
error in my vSphere.

compute_driver = vmwareapi.VMwareVCDriver
host_ip =
host_username = administrator at vsphere.local
host_password = Zl at 123456
cluster_name = mycluster
datastore_regex = Datastore_iscsi
insecure = True
vlan_interface = vmnic0
integration_bridge = br-int
api_retry_count = 10

enabled_backends = vmware
default_volume_type = vmware
volume_driver = cinder.volume.drivers.vmware.vmdk.VMwareVcVmdkDriver
vmware_host_password=Zl at 123456
vmware_host_username=administrator at vsphere.local
vmware_volume_folder= openstack_volume
vmware_datastore_regex = Datastore_iscsi
vmware_insecure = True
vmware_host_version = 6.7

known_stores = vmware
default_store = vmware
filesystem_store_datadir = /tri_fs/images/
stores = files,http,vmware
default_store = vsphere
vmware_server_host =
vmware_server_username = administrator at vsphere.local
vmware_server_password = Zl at 123456
vmware_datastore_name = Datastore_iscsi
vmware_datacenter_path = Datacenter
vmware_datastores = Datacenter:Datastore_iscsi
vmware_task_poll_interval = 5
vmware_store_image_dir = /openstack_glance
vmware_api_insecure = True

I hope you can help me.
Thank you very much!
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