Openstack with Nginx Support (HARISH KUMAR Ivaturi)

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Note Horizon dashboard is based on Django framework over Apache. Thus logically it should work if you deploy Django over Nginx and please refer to link getting Django and once you have that rest should work as the Model, View, Controller (MVC)  take care of addressing the rest. I have not seen any Ngnix deployment of Open stack, but a single domain Open stack Controller  should be possible to deploy with Nginx. You can also reach out to Ngnix or F5 team to help you out, as this is a good  exercise for leveraging capability of Nginix for OpenSrack



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I am Harish Kumar, Master Student at BTH, Karlskrona, Sweden. I am working
on my Master thesis at BTH and my thesis topic is Performance evaluation of
OpenStack with HTTP/3.

I have successfully built curl and nginx with HTTP/3 support and I am
performing some commands using curl for generating tokens so i could access
the services of OpenStack.
OpenStack relies with the Apache web server and I could not get any results
using Nginx HTTP/3 . I would like to ask if there is any official
documentation on OpenStack relying with Nginx?, I have searched in the
internet reg. this info but could not get any, I would like to use nginx
instead of apache web server , so I could get some results by performing
curl and commands and nginx web server (with http/3 support). Please let me
know and if there is any content please share with me. I hope you have
understood this. It would be helpful for my Master Thesis.

Harish Kumar

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