Scaling control nodes

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Tue Aug 25 08:44:16 UTC 2020

Hello everyone,

while trying openstack i referred to the red hat installation
documentation which is okay but lead to one question.
It looks like there is no problem in scaling compute
nodes if you run out of resources.

But scaling the controller nodes is not supported
by red hat. Since I'm using the official
tripleo openstack version and not the red hat
version i was wondering if this is not supported
by the openstack project.

Having in mind that red hat doesn't support this
i was looking for something that tells me that it
is supported (or not) by the tripleo openstack
project. But i didn't found anything explicit.

So may you tell me if it is possible to scale up
Controller Nodes? And if not which component is
not scalable by tripleo?

Is it possible to create an controller profile
that is scalable?

Best regards

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