Can't fetch from opendev.

Jeremy Stanley fungi at
Fri Aug 21 13:45:54 UTC 2020

On 2020-08-21 11:58:09 +0200 (+0200), Daniel Bengtsson wrote:
> On 8/18/20 5:24 PM, Jeremy Stanley wrote:
> > and it just hangs indefinitely and never returns an error?
> Yes.
> > One reason I suspect this might be the problem is that GitHub is
> > IPv4-only, so if you have something black-holing or blocking traffic
> > for global IPv6 routes, then that could cause the behavior you're
> > observing.
> I have the same problem with the -4 option.

You mentioned earlier that you and your colleague are both using a
work VPN. If this is a full-tunnel VPN, or a split-tunnel providing
conflicting routes, it's possible something within the work network
is eating or not properly rerouting your packets or the return
responses. Have you tried a git fetch with the VPN temporarily
turned off? Are you able to browse from the
same system? Are you running git from directly within your system,
or are you running it inside a virtual machine/container on your
Jeremy Stanley
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