[cinder] reviewing priorities for next few weeks

Brian Rosmaita rosmaita.fossdev at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 13:36:50 UTC 2020

Hello Cinderinos,

We're near the end of week R-8, and people are getting antsy about 
having their changes reviewed.  So here are the Cinder project reviewing 
priorities over the next few weeks.

(1) os-brick
The Victoria release of os-brick must take place during week R-6 (i.e., 
by 31 August).  Hence, os-brick reviews are the project's TOP PRIORITY 
right now.  Among os-brick reviews, these are the most important changes:
- support for volume-local-cache feature

- support for cinderlib RBD use

- code cleanup (should be quick reviews)

There are some other open reviews in master; if they interest you, go 
for it.  But the above are release-critical.

(2) cinder features requiring python-cinderclient support
The Victoria release of python-cinderclient must take place during week 
R-5 (i.e., by 7 September).
- project-level default volume-types
   cinder: https://review.opendev.org/737707
   cinderclient: https://review.opendev.org/739223/

- active-active support

There are other open reviews in master for python-cinderclient that 
could use some eyes.  I didn't see anything major, but it would be good 
to look in case I missed something.

(3) other features (including drivers)
The feature freeze is the end of R-5 (i.e., 8 September)
- Use the blueprints to find these:

And we'll be reviewing everything else also, but items in the 3 
categories above get priority.  If your patch is in category (3) or 
not-prioritized, you can always help speed things up by reviewing the 
higher-priority items.

We're almost at the end of the Victoria cycle.  Let's have a productive 
few weeks!

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