cross-team action items

Corey Bryant corey.bryant at
Mon Aug 17 15:59:20 UTC 2020

These were the items from the cross team today that need action from our

Bootstack: What’s the plan for Ceph-osd w/ openstack-on-lxd for Bluestore?
Can we give an answer as to whether we plan to deprecate or solve this, one
way or another?

Bootstack: Gnocchi thread - can we respond to thread to make official
decision so they can plan accordingly? ie. if upstream is not supported, we
likely won't support, so if we can clarify then bootstack can remove from
standard deploys.

SEG: LP#1891096 <> -
configuration database support for mimic+: Any value that exists in the
configuration database will no longer receive updates from ceph.conf. Will
be subscribed to field-high.

Thanks, Corey
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