Can't fetch from opendev.

Jeremy Stanley fungi at
Mon Aug 17 14:37:03 UTC 2020

[keeping Daniel in Cc as he doesn't appear to be subscribed]

On 2020-08-17 14:08:05 +0200 (+0200), Daniel Bengtsson wrote:
> I have tried to fetch the repository tripleo-heat-templates from
> opendev. I was not able to do that:
> With github it works. I have asked to another colleague to try, he
> have the same problem.

What command(s) did you run and what error message is Git giving
you? That paste doesn't look like an error, just a trace of the
internal operations which were performed.

Are you and your colleague both connecting from the same network?
Possibly the same corporate network or the same VPN?
Jeremy Stanley
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